Vienna: The classical city

Being inspired by Eric Weiner’s book The Geography of Bliss  I picked up his next book right before my trip to Vienna, The Geography of Genius: A Search for the World’s Most Creative Places from Ancient Athens to Silicon Valley. The title itself is self-descriptive, so trying to not spoil anything will just tell that the author travels the world to find out how the places of genius were born – Athens in around 400BC, Florence during the Renaissance, Edinburgh in 18th century, Silicon Valley nowadays, and some more. But Vienna… Vienna was featured 2 times in the book, as unlike other places, Vienna had 2 periods of genius – the golden age of classical music coming with Haydn, Mozart, Schubert and Beethoven, and the next one hitting the city with science & arts – Freud and Klimt being the prominent representatives.

The city itself smells like music, pure and ingenious classical music. It’s in the air, it’s soaked in the buildings of Vienna, in its people, in its food. Feels like the city is constantly giving a concert, the orchestra never stops, and the audience keeps admiring. Vienna still has the spirit of the great composers who lived and composed here centuries ago.

Christmas in Vienna? That’s another story! The Holiday spirit just floods the city, the Christmas markets are everywhere, joy and happiness surrounds Vienna despite the cold and dark weather. People get together, celebrate life, create that amazing contagious mood, wait for something magical to happen.

I’m not Catholic myself, in fact not a religious person at all, but I like the way people celebrate Christmas in Europe. Maybe the Christmas we experience nowadays is far from its true meaning, maybe it’s more commercial now than pure religious, maybe it has been modified throughout centuries to survive in modern world, but I like its spirit anyway. It connects people, it reunites families, it brings joy to everyone. It also adds so many lights to the cities! I’m sure summertime Vienna would be as magical as it is in Christmas time, but the extra lights and the nice decorations add so much charm to the city.

Hopefully I’ll be back to the city of genuine music, the city that praises it like nothing else, the city that has its charm in every season. In my heart Vienna will always be associated with majesty, royalty, and of course  with the Christmas magic 🙂

St. Charles’s Church and the Christmas market around




Schönbrunn Palace with its big Christmas tree


Vienna Art History Museum


Modern looks of Vienna


The sunrise from Danube tower. The river, the rising sun, and yet another Viennese morning





The house of Hundertwasser – Austrian artist and architect. His buildings are so different and so colorful, just adorable. He reminded me Gaudí, in fact I would call him Gaudí of Vienna






Rathaus Vienna full of lights


Christmas decorations from one of the Christmas markets


Lights over the Art History Museum


Mumok Vienna – museum of modern art







Night walks in Vienna


Ok, let’s end this in a colorful mood! 🙂 



  1. I wanna go!!

    *delete if not allowed*

    but hey, I am a new blogger and looking for people to have a read of my first blog, please have a look and like and comment too! thanks xx


    • Thanks a lot, it’s so great to hear that! 😊 I’ve checked your blog too and now you have me as your follower. Can’t wait for more stories about magical India 🇮🇳

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  2. Yes, Christmas is a wonderful period in Europe. Cities then look so beautiful and you can feel the special atmosphere – people are much nicer and life goes by so slow. Great post, thanks for sharing.

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  3. I loved Vienna. The grand palaces, the robust food, the quirky buildings, the history, the chocolates, the smokey cafes…

    Highlight was tafelspitz at Cafe Plachutta. That was a memorable meal and a half!

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  4. I have such a thing for those delicate sparkly lights! It reminded me of Larimer Square in downtown Denver, CO. I also quite loved those little artsy buildings and would love to see what the inside of them are like!

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  5. I really love Vienna and it is especially nice around Christmas for all the lovely markets. I especially like the Christmas market in front of the town hall. I have not made it to the Museum of Modern Art but it looks like a great place to visit. Enjoyed reading your post.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Christine 🙂 The market in front of the Town Hall was probably the biggest one, but somehow I managed to miss it 😀 Just visited on Christmas Eve night when everything was closed.


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