Prague: The majestic city

My trip to Prague was like a scene from “Last Vegas” movie – we were 4 close friends since teenage years, in a new city, having the coolest vacation of our lives (well, despite the movie we didn’t gamble at casino or have a pool party with half-naked girls (alas) 😀

All started in a cozy summer evening back home in Armenia, when we met to drink a wine in one of those nice authentic wine bars in Yerevan. That kind of evenings always have a moment of silence when everyone is looking at the glass of wine and pondering about the meaning of life or creation of universe, so suddenly one of us breaks the silence by saying “Let’s go to Prague, in November!”, and the other 3 are like – “Hell YES!!!”, “That sounds awesome!!!”, “Let’s do this girls!!!”.

I have no idea why Prague, and why in November, but that was the greatest idea my friend ever had in her life (well, except the idea of putting unripe apricots inside our cheeks and posing for a picture with serious faces like nothing’s wrong)


Needless to say Prague was extremely beautiful. Before my visit I was kind of skeptical about the statements saying it’s the most beautiful city in Europe. Now I partially agree with them. The architecture of the city is just unbelievable, it keeps you looking up all the time and marveling at the splendid facades of buildings.

Street musicians are another important ingredient of Prague majesty. The jazz music they play in streets creates an amazing atmosphere in the city. In no other place I saw musicians shaping the spirit of their city like this, it’s as if Prague can’t exist without them, as if they’re the crucial part of the city and they will stay there and play with that enthusiasm as long as Prague exists.

The river, the bridges and swans are the other delicacy of Prague. The river Vltava gives a nice charm to the city, and the swans peacefully swimming in it create that quiet atmosphere where you forget about the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the nature to the fullest.

I’ll leave you with the pictures of Prague, but before going just have to tell one more little awesomeness of this city – the food is DELICIOUS! Seriously, it is delicious and really cheap (if you know where to eat 😉 I hope I’ll have a post about it soon. Stay tuned! 😉

The river Vltava during golden hour



Church of Our Lady before Týn


Prague astronomical clock


The river, the swans, and the Castle of Prague


The peaceful swans


The Charles Bridge


The girl who’s chasing the swan 🙂 


Little colorful things of Prague




Bubbles everywhere





Prague, 1900s 😀


Prague Castle


The beautiful architecture of the city




Prague Castle from Charles Bridge


Autumn in Prague







Cute pink flamingos of Prague zoo


DOX museum of contemporary art




A random moment in Prague life


Scary night in Prague


Prague from above


Those lanterns 🙂



Jazz musicians of Prague. They’re the soul of the city 🙂 




  1. I first heard of Prague in a documentary called Scam City but I know it’s a beautiful city and this should be in every traveller bucket list. I am not sure when this will happen but I am going there too. I liked your style of writing and pics are gorgeous. I can just anticipate how beautiful it would be, after just glancing through pics.

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  2. Wow is is super beautiful! I didn’t know it was referred to as the most beautiful city in Europe but I know it is a popular spot. Your photos reeeeally make me want to go there now. It looks lovely. Thanks for convincing me 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Such wonderful pictures. Prague is high on my bucket list. The place is so surreal, I would visit here – no matter whether I liked the food or not. But now that you tell me the food is delicious as well, I am so tempted to visit here as soon as possible

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  4. I love Prague. It is such a beautiful city. I am glad that you had a lovely time there. Great photos of the srious faces and podgy cheeks ;-

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  5. I have yet to visit Progue and this makes me want to visit even more! Looks like such a romantic and relaxing place where you can let go of all care in the world! I had no idea that the jazz music was a part of this beautiful place and that even makes it more attractive!

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