Barcelona: The youthful city

Woody Allen is particularly great in transmitting the spirit of cities in his films, the ones like Manhattan, Midnight in Paris, To Rome with Love, and of course the most eccentric and glorious of all times – Vicky Cristina Barcelona. Ever since I watched that movie I was sure those events couldn’t take place anywhere else in the world, that Barcelona was the key “ingredient” of the film, and there’s something very special about that city.

Earlier this year I got a chance to visit Barcelona. At first it was hard to find out what makes this place so special, and it took me 2 days to fully absorb the atmosphere and get into the mood of Barcelona. And that was it – I’m now completely and devotedly in love with this city!

For me Barcelona is a teenager, it’s youthful, passionate and absolutely restless. It’s a city full of art, breath, emotions, it’s the city of Gaudí- as amazing as Gaudí shapes and as colorful as Gaudí tiles. Barcelona is like its buildings – fresh, modern and unusual. Here you forget about limitations and rules, it’s all about creativity and joy.

Aside from everything else, the greatest value of Barcelona are its people. In fact, one of the coolest things in Barcelona was people watching. I learned so much from these joyful and inherently happy people. Barcelona is a city of young people, regardless their age. Here everyone enjoys life to the fullest, be that a child or an old person, it’s just the attitude towards life.

If you happen to be in Barcelona, catch a bit of this joy and take it with you 🙂

Park Güell


Tiles at the Park Güell


People of Barcelona, some giant bubbles and the joy of life







An evening at the Barceloneta beach 








Night at the Barcelona port


Night walks: The girl and her dog


Gaudí was inspired by the organic shapes of nature. Here’s one of the sources of inspiration for the great architect


La Sagrada Familia


Inside the Sagrada Familia


La Pedrera (Casa Milà)


An old phone at the Casa Milà



  1. Amazing post! I haven’t really thought about visiting Barcelona soon but you have indeed made it sound incredible… might have a little look for next summer. Your pictures are also amazing. Also I didn’t know the Montserrat mountains were so close to Barcelona before now so a trip is definitely on the cards now!

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  2. I love your photos of Barcelona! You really capture how youthful and fun of a city it is. There’s so much to do there, it’s not just for college kids wanting to party on the beach. Love all the nature and history there. And food – can’t forget about the food.

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  3. What’s not to love about giant bubbles!! I can’t wait to visit this amazing city. It was one of my wife’s favourites and I have many friends who return year after year. You’ve added to the inspiration to get there some time soon! Thanks for the great read.

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  4. I’ve been to Barcelona few years ago. It was my least exciting city when I was planning it, until I got there! It truly is amazing city, so vibrant, and youthful as you said. I’m a big fan of Gaudi as well, his work is unbelievable! So sad I didn’t go to Park Guell. Great post and pictures! xx


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