Palermo: The wild city

From the moment you arrive in Palermo until the moment you leave, this city keeps reminding about the “dark side of life”.  The abandoned buildings, the graffiti on the walls, the eyes of people… they all tell one thing – life is not a piece of cake, one should be strong to survive on this earth. That is simply the rule of this city – you have to be tough. There’s no other choice.

At first Palermo may appear as an old, half-destroyed city with crazy traffic and shouting people. But start exploring it thoroughly and you’ll notice that there’s something majestic about those “imperfections”, something that scares and attracts at the same time.

Wildness and freedom are in the air of Palermo. But there’s another strange feeling there – the feeling of some hidden secret. The many holes in the buildings tell stories about violence and gun shooting, family vendetta and much more. You suddenly realize that the movies you have seen about the Mafia and “bad guys” are in fact reality, they are just here, in this city, and that’s why it causes that mysterious feeling. Some tell stories about dead bodies in the walls of Palermo buildings, some are afraid to say “that word” and just say M. when referring to Mafia, some brave ones have began the movement of Addiopizzo refusing to pay “pizzo” – the tax paid to Mafia in order to continue your business.

As wild as it is – Palermo stays one of those rare cities that keep calling back. The authentic markets, the unbelievably great food, the lovely evening atmosphere, fresh cannoli-s, that heavenly gelato… how not to adore this city?

The green door and the pigeon


The cathedral of Palermo


Teatro Politeama Garibaldi


One of many nice doors in Palermo


Teatro Massimo



Quattro Canti


Palermo streets


Piazza Pretoria



I told you – it’s wild!


Really-really wild


The loving snails =)


Fresh tomatoes, Ballaro market in Palermo








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  2. Great article! I spent three months working a kids entertainer near Palermo when I was younger, but I only managed to spend a day there, but I had the same feelings you shared above… I really want to go back! Oh and if you are into mafia movies, I highly recommend you the Gomorra series (not the movie). It’s very good! 🙂

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  3. Those tomatoes look so yummy! That’s so strange cause last two days I’ve been watching the movie “Godfather” and thinking to go to Sicily and come across with your article. I didn’t know Palermo though. I’ll keep in mind!!

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    • Haha, good coincidence! If you liked the movie, don’t miss a tour inside Teatro Palermo, that’s where the last scene of the movie is screened.


  4. Gorgeous photos! I love how you’ve described Palermo, it makes it seem so real. I love digging deeper into the history of the people and city when I travel, which makes me really appreciate your raw honesty here.

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    • Thanks Susan! I appreciate your type of travelers, the real beauty is not in the most popular sites of the city, it’s in its history and people, absolutely agree with you!


  5. Wow Palermo looks like a fascinating place on so many levels! I feel like it’s easy to just look at the exterior in beautiful cities – it’s so important to try to comprehend the history too, especially when troubles continue today. Really interesting post, thanks for sharing!
    lily kate x

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  6. When I was trying to decide on Malta or Palermo/Sicily, I couldn’t find much on the latter so chose to go to Malta. (Malta was beautiful and very warm climates) Your description tell a mysterious yet dark side of Italy and I’m scared yet intrigued to find out more. Palermo will be on my bucket list.

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    • Thanks for your comment Alaine! Palermo has very interesting spirit, it’s both scary and amazing. Have a great time when you visit Palermo =)


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