Copenhagen: The happy city

It’s a well-known fact that Denmark is the happiest country in the world according to UN’s World Happiness Report. But what is the secret of Danish happiness? Let’s find the answer together!

For each of us the perspective of happiness is different. And what I noticed in Copenhagen is that everyone had found his/her own happiness, and their “happinesses” didn’t necessarily match.

Family is hugely important for Danes. They take their children everywhere they go, so you can meet sweet blonde munchkins everywhere in Copenhagen. It’s as if the city belongs to those little creatures. They smile at you, they play with their parents, they enjoy the beauty of their city, they are just happy. And what else can be more heart-warming than seeing so many happy children in one place?

Another important thing for happiness is the human freedom. Where else could the Freetown Christiania exist, if not in the happiest place of the world? A neighborhood where human freedom governs, where there’re no artificial restrictions and fake laws, no money race and most importantly no limits for imagination. People there just live their own life and maximally enjoy it without bothering others.

Green, healthy environment is another contributing part of human happiness. There are so many parks and green areas in Copenhagen that sometimes it feels you’re in a forest, not in a modern city. Bikes – the healthy, environment-friendly means of transportation became the symbol of Copenhagen.

And finally, for those who find happiness in having money, I would say Danes don’t lack it as well 😀

P.S. One last statement by me – how can people not be happy in a city where the smallest ice cream is just huge?


Enjoy some Copenhagen pics! 🙂

The colorful Nyhavn




Frederiksborg Palace





The Little Mermaid


Rosenborg Castle


The panoramic view of the city





Kronborg Castle, famous from Shakepeare’s Hamlet


One of those many parks in Copenhagen


Small details of the city




Opera House and other modern buildings



The Open Air Museum







  1. Beautiful pictures! I went to Copenhagen years ago but I don’t remember it being so colourful and pretty as you’ve shown it to be (I think it rained a lot!) Maybe I need to go back to refresh my memory 😉

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    • The city seems completely different depending on weather. The cities visited in winter season seem more grey and unhappy than they are in reality, and sunny weather brings a unique charm to them. So, it’s better to revisit places in summer season to get the complete picture.


  2. Social safety nets and healthcare probably help too. If you haven’t yet, I recommend reading “The Geography of Bliss.” Great book that delves into what makes people happy. Can’t remember if it touches on Denmark though….
    Also, beautiful pictures of a city I’d like to visit!

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    • Thank you so much for recommending the book Erika. As I see in the contents there’s no chapter for Denmark, but it’s extremely interesting how people find happiness in those countries in the book.
      Also, Copenhagen is a nice a place to spend a few days, do visit if you get a chance and enjoy the happy atmosphere!


    • Thank you! 🙂 Visiting in summer would be good for long warm evenings, but Christmas time will be equally great. I read so many opinions saying Copenhagen is one of the best places to go for Christmas, it’s just gorgeous at that time. Have a lovely trip and enjoy your time there! 🙂

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