Sintra: The magical town

Sintra is a picturesque Portuguese town not far away from Lisbon. At first it seems like a usual town, but wait a little bit and it will show its treasures.

You will need to climb a high hill to see its treasures, but it’s an interesting journey and the reward is priceless. The first thing to “WOW” you will be the view on the road, including the Moorish castle and many small villages down there. If the weather is good, Sintra will open a fascinating view for you.

Continue climbing to the top and you’ll appear in a magical world. It feels like you are in the princess palace from childhood cartoons, the big and colorful one, the one you believed doesn’t exist in the real world. Well, it exists, and it’s located in this little town.
But that’s not the end, Sintra has one more magic for you – the magnificent gardens around the palace. As the palace itself, the gardens look too perfect to be real. The small lakes with ducks and swans swimming in it, the narrow alleys, the green color and the fresh air – they make you stop the world and just appreciate the moment.

Sintra is one of those rare places that transfer you to a parallel world. Enjoy every moment and every sight it has to offer. Looking back to Sintra later you’ll find that it has added so much beauty to your world and left so many magical memories for you.

Moorish castle



Pena palace 




Magical gardens around the Pena palace






Even bikes are colorful in this town 🙂 


One last look to the palace. See you next time 🙂 




  1. Sintra, the palace, the castle and the hills look beautiful. The Palace is so colorful, like something from Disneyland. Your pictures are stunning and so colorful!

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  2. […] Sintra – the most magical and colorful place in Portugal! This small town is located just near Lisbon and makes a perfect day trip from there. Visit Pena Palace and wonder the magnificent gardens around it. Enjoy the view from the top and feel the excitement of just being there. Last but not least – if you’re a sea food fan don’t miss a yummy dinner in Sintra! To read more about the place and see more picture – click here. […]


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