Rotterdam: The city of mind-blowing architecture

If you’re in Netherlands and expect to see the famous tulips, wooden clogs and old windmills, Rotterdam is probably not the best place to go. But if you want to see a place with completely different architecture, mindset and feel, take a 1 hour train ride from Amsterdam and voilà, here’s one the most fascinating cities in Europe – Rotterdam.



Rotterdam amazes with its extraordinary buildings, modern bridges and skyscrapers, which are unusual in Netherlands. The reason they are built is the Rotterdam Blitz during World War 2, a bombardment which led to near-complete destruction of the city.
Despite this, Rotterdam is now the economic center of Netherlands and the largest port in Europe (often said to be “Europe’s gateway to the world”).





I’ve been here just for one day, and all I could see is its architecture – the unusual, mind-blowing and magnificent architecture. And what inspires me about Rotterdam is how it restored itself and how the unfortunate past became an opportunity for this city to reborn and flourish, to become stronger and richer.




One of the cutest buildings in Rotterdam is Cube Houses, set of innovative houses reminding trees. They give a nice flavor and color to the city, and one of them is open to public, so everyone can “taste” how it feels to live there (it has a wide collection of Hobbit and LOTR heroes, so don’t miss out if you’re a fan;)




The photographs are completely different depending on the season of travel, and this time mine are a little bit dark and grey because of cloudy winter weather, and I’m sure Rotterdam is much more beautiful and surprising on sunny days, so hope will return to this strong and proud city again in summer, with new, bright, sunny and colorful pics.





  1. Nice photos and history, Lucy! We stayed in Rotterdam for a few days, but we were so focused on day trips to Delft, Kinderdijk and other areas that we missed out on exploring Rotterdam. Your story makes me regret that.

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    • Thank you Tom and Sheila! I love day trips, they help to explore and get the most from the country. Never regret anything in travels, make that a good excuse to return back there again 😉


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