Amsterdam: The rebellious city

As we grow we meet certain constraints by the society, we know what’s normal to do and what’s not, and we have certain values based on those beliefs.
So you are in Amsterdam? Forget what you have believed in so far and very welcome to the city of freedom where everything is allowed!

Well, you are free here to go to coffee shop and have some marijuana, then go to the Red Light District to have some fun, but that’s not what this city is about. Amsterdam has another – more beautiful and hidden sides. Just walk through the canals in the evening, just go to the museum quarter and admire art works in museums, and you’ll meet a different Amsterdam.

Beautiful narrow buildings with nice facades take you to the 17th century – the Dutch Golden Age, where you see the power of Dutch Republic, how they got there and how they lost everything, and how the history repeats itself today.

It’s incredible how Amsterdam’s rebellious spirit affects you, it’s just contagious. It makes you more open-minded, more tolerant of other people. But if there’s one thing this city and its people taught me it’s that Everything is possible to fight! Most of Netherlands is below sea level, and these people fight the sea in their entire life to protect their land. Do you know what it means to fight the sea? Probably we all don’t know, because we all are too busy fighting our small problems which seem so unsolvable to us.

So, Amsterdam’s message – live and let others live, be free, appreciate beauty, use the history lessons, and fight everything that hinders your well-being!

Winter evening in Amsterdam


Moon River


The dream


A very tolerant bike 🙂


Bob Marley about herb (don’t know if the words are true, didn’t try one 😀 )


Amsterdam Lights Festival


Evening lights


Night lights


The Red Light District


Christmas Eve, Rembrandt house and the empty streets


A little bit of Christmas mood



A castle


The Amsterdam picture – bikes, narrow buildings with nice facades, canals and a boat, that’s what makes Amsterdam so lovely



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