Rome: The Eternal city


We’re in the eternal city this time. Though it’s not astonishing that Rome is an old city (at least for me, because my city Yerevan-the capital of Armenia is 29 years older than Rome), it’s astonishing how that rich culture survived till now.

This city is like a wise old man who saw what’s going on in the world for centuries, who experienced war and peace, rise and falls, and has kept his soul, became wiser, and ready to teach everything he knows.

It’s difficult to count how many times one says “Oh My God” while in Rome. You walk the streets and accidentally see Colosseum – OMG, you enter a cathedral and with an open mouth – OMG, you eat a delicious pasta – OMG, you wake up and realize you’re in Rome – OMG!

I confess I haven’t captured most OMG moments of Rome this time, but don’t forget that Rome is the city which always calls you back. Yeah, it sticks to your mind and says – “Come back, I have so much more to tell you”. So, will definitely meet again in Rome with new photo shots 🙂


Altare della Patria


The rainbow


Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore


Roman pigeon


The Colosseum


Michelangelo’s Pieta, St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican


A sculpture of angel


Rome in one shot – Pasta, Pasta, Pasta!





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