Lindos: The sunny village

Sun, sun, sun, here it comes~! Lindos is probably the place that everyone imagines when sings this song. It’s a lovely-lovely village in the Greek island of Rhodes. This is one of those sweet spots on Earth that you hardly want to leave. It’s so authentic, so “greek”, so full of, umm, donkeys 😀 Yes, once in Lindos, you should take the once in a lifetime opportunity of donkey tour to the Acropolis.

The joy of just being there is  awesome. White little buildings, narrow streets, unbelievably beautiful Mediterranean sea and heavenly atmosphere. There’s not much more to say about this small sweet place. Maybe the photographs will better explain the charm of this adorable village.

Lindos and the Acropolis


The view from a hill

Lindos beach

The rock

Donkeys 🙂 


The wooden window and narrow streetDSC00302a

The transparent Mediterranean seaDSC00240a

The charming Lindos

Ships to take you back from heaven

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