Cork: The Gallagher’s city

Journalist: Jimi, what’s it like to be the GREATEST guitarist in the world?
Hendrix: I don’t know, ask RORY GALLAGHER.

And this man lived in Cork! And Cork entirely expresses his spirit. It feels like in a rock gig, really, you hear rock music by the buildings, by the river Lee, by people’s faces, by the air. Cork has a rebellious spirit, he is free, he is different, he is the rock music itself.

I wouldn’t say it’s a gorgeous city, it’s very industrial, it has no splendid buildings or art works. There are some great street art and a couple of churches and historical places, but they definitely don’t blow your mind away. What does blow is its super rocky atmosphere. Cork rocks for Rory!

Holy Trinity Church


The historical interview


Night Cork


Saint Fin Barre’s Cathedral


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